Adequate support equipment and facilities are necessary for effective program implementation. In addition it requires sufficient budget to finance program maintenance and manpower requirements. The Municipality provided the necessary budget, equipment, facilities and manpower to support the program.


The Municipal Government of Binalbagan has the following vehicles in support of the Clean and Green Program and Support of R.A. 9003: fire trucks (2), dump trucks (3) and, backhoe (1).


The municipality operates a grass shredder to process wastes generated from public facilities. Plastic pulverizer (1). To effectively reduce waste the Municipal Mayor purchased a plastic shredder to grind plastics and foil for recycling in October 2008. The shredder shall be located at So. Ubay in Brgy. Progreso and shall process and store recyclable residuals.


The following facilities have been constructed in support of R.A. 9003: municipal nursery, municipal greenhouse, material recovery facilities, community eco-center at So. Ubay, Brgy. Progreso and the Binalbagan Bio-Waste Processing Center at Had San Isidro, Brgy San Pedro.

Municipal Nursery
The facility located at the public plaza houses seedlings propagated for the tree planting program. It is under the supervision of the Municipal Agriculture Office.

Municipal Greenhouse
The municipal greenhouse is situated at the Eco-Park. It was constructed to propagate vegetable seedlings as a showcase for food production in the municipality.

Community Eco-Center
The Community Eco-Center is located in the relocation area at So. Ubay in Brgy. Progreso and shall provide storage for hazardous wastes and residuals. The facility will be the processing center for plastics and foils for grinding for future use as recycled materials.

Binalbagan Bio-Waste Processing Center
Bio degradable waste from government facilities i.e. public plaza, municipal hall and the public market are brought to Hda. San Isidro in Brgy. San Pedro for vermi-composting. The 3,000 sq. m. facility has soil beds housing earthworms for composting. Processed organic fertilizer is made available in support of agriculture program, the municipal nursery and maintenance of plants in public areas.

Manpower requirements for street, plaza and market maintenance are supplemented by thirty five (35) personnel assigned to maintain cleanliness and sanitation in various facilities such as the market, slaughterhouse, streets and public plaza. The table in the succeeding page shows the equipment and vehicles, manpower and facilities to implement the Clean and Green Program and Support of R.A. 9003.



National Roads : 15.10 km.
Provincial Roads : 23.56 km.
Municipal Roads : 10.09 km.
Barangay Roads : 83.30 km.
National Bridges : 0.0302 km.
Provincial Bridges : 0.4473 km.
Barangay Bridges : 0.0006 km.


No. of Brgys. Energized : 15
No. Of Brgys. Not Energized : 1
No. Of Households Served : 8,120
No. Of Households Not Served : 3,443


Binalbagan Water District (BWD) operates a Level III Water System which provides poblacion residents with potable drinking water from 2 deep well pumping stations in Brgy. San Jose. Barangay Payao also operates a Level III Water System to serve its residents. Residents of other rural barangays rely on shallow wells, deep wells, dug wells, rainwater collectors and spring water for drinking and washing.


Telephone Companies

Land Lines

  • R.C. Yulo Telephone Company
  • Globelines

Mobile Phone Facilities

  • Smart Communications (2 sites)
  • Globe Telephone (2 sites)
  • Sun Cellular (2 sites)

Cable Television : Rural Communications System

Postal & Mail/Parcel Services

  • LBC
  • JRS