Fun Fanatasy! A Halloween Party in the Municipality!

IMG_9014Traditionally, when we are at the pre – school and school – age stage,  we often have the kalag – kalag here in Binalbagan maybe that was 20 years ago though some are still enjoying the traditional way of celebrating halloween,  where we go from house to house in the neighborhood to ask for native foods like the suman, ibos, kalamay hati, valenciana, baye-baye and others, of course with the lighted candle to bring a ghostly effect and saying “kalag kalag kalag” in a creepy sounding voice. But, as years gone by there were changes from the traditional celebration, and we started to adopt the western country way of celebrating hallows eve, where halloween party everywhere becomes rampant, a bag of goodies as treats and a scary room or venue for tricks, overcome the native foods given to children. Though in different era and different way of celebrating, halloween has been experienced to be fun for children, creating an environment where halloween becomes part of us as person.

Photo Taken by Tolits Delgado

Nicole drew Noelz (Cincerella Costume) and Reynan Cosas ( Avatar ) Organizers’ Choice for Fun Fantasy Photo Taken by Tolits Delgado

This is where the Municipal Tourism Office started to organize  a Halloween Party in the municipality for the children to enjoy the hallows eve. Every year there were different concept like the one in the year 2013, which was the first halloween party held in the Public Plaza a simple Cos Play and halloween Costume competition with a simple ramp fashion show of children happen. Then the following year evolved into having a theme of FRIDAY SPOOKY NIGHT! because it falls on a Friday Night where there was a Live Band  after the Halloween Costume Competition. Followed by Enchanted CosPlay Night! where Cos Player become the attraction in the year 2015. And for this year the Halloween Party focus on concept of Fun Halloween, in a Fantasy Costumed participants bringing a Magician along for the Fun Fantasy! A Halloween Party!


Photo taken by Tolits Delgado

Photo taken by Tolits Delgado

This year halloween falls on the All Souls Day which is November 2, children around the municipality and from different walks of life together with their parents and relatives prepared for this event. There were more than a hundred children who wears their fantasy, mythical,  festival costumes that create a festive fantasy glow to the event. There were also Cos Player who participated, infants too can be seen wearing cute costumes of cinderella, snow white, and many fairy tale creatures and characters. They all bring loot bags given by the organizers as a bag filled of goodies from different participating agencies, as such the PNP – Binalbagan, Binalbagan – Infirmary, the Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, with the Binalbagan Multi – Purpose Employees Cooperative, Binalbgan Hometown Pension and several of the private establishements like Celinaz and SML Dry Goods Center.